BHEC's 2015-2016 5th & 6th Science

Echolocating His Way through Life

How good is your hearing? Do you think you could successfully make your way through an ordinary day by just relying on it? Watch the video below to see one guy who not only does this but ROCKS it!!

Alabama Bats

Interested in our local bat populations here in Alabama? Click the picture below to read all about the bats you’ll find here and what the Alabama Bat Working Group is doing to help conserve our local species of bats!

Gray Myotis

You can also check out more Alabama bat info via the Outdoor Alabama website here:

Oak Mountain State Park: Have You Been Lately?

OMSP, which is practically right in your backyard (or maybe it literally IS for some of you lucky folks!), is an excellent place to do some Alabama birding! While we may be taking a little field trip as a group out there to explore the Treetop Nature Trail, the park has LOTS of other birding trails that would make fantastic locations to see God’s creative handiwork, as well. click the image below to check out some of the other trails they have to offer.


Get Involved!

Each February, Cornell University in Ithaca, NY holds a Great Backyard Bird Count–and this February, YOU can participate! This year’s count will be held from February 12-February 15. Click the map below for information on how to get registered and how you help count those birds!


Do Honeybees + Pesticides Mix?

NPR Honeybees

Photo: Lou Blouin for NPR

Click on the photo above to find out what’s the recent buzz on Eastern honeybees!

One Talented Bird!

Watch as the incredibly gifted lyrebird mimics his way to impressing not just the lady-birds but humans all around the world! (Click on the image below to access the video.)


Beautiful Video: Our Beautiful God on Display via His Creation!

Check out what Ultimate Creativity looks like…

(Thanks to L. Sullens for the video suggestion!)

Gearing Up for Week #2!

Hi, 5th/6th Science! I’m looking forward to our second Tuesday together–I hope you are, too! In preparation, I’ve gathered up some links to a few fun games and interesting sites to help you as you learn the material in Lesson 1. See you Tuesday!

PS- These will also be included on the Resources page, too.

animal classification

Animal Classification & Characteristics Game


American Museum of Natural History Zoology Page- TONS of resources here!!


This site has some pretty awesome science-y songs for those of you who learn via tunes. Be sure to check out the “Animal (Classification) Song” by Mr. Parr on the 2nd row from the top.

How Wings Work

All about the workings of wings.

Welcome to 5th/6th Science with BHEC!

Hello, all! It’s almost here…our first official day! All FLYING creatures of our God and King–here we come! We have loads of fun planned for this first day. From crazy games to general housekeeping items, this first hour and fifteen is going to fly by (no pun intended…)!

Please be sure to check our blog each week for home assignments, resources, and much more! May He impart His wisdom to us as we journey this year together!

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